Quarter, Halves, and Whole Packages

  • Quarter Beef - $1,096
    $925.00, pay to RVB
    $144.00, pay to processor **
  • Approx. 97 Pounds ($11.29/lb) *
  • Half Beef - $2,119
    $1,821.00, pay to RVB
    $288.00, pay to processor **
  • Approx. 195 Pounds ($10.86/lb) *
  • Whole Beef - $4,116
    $3,590.00, pay to RVB
    $576.00, pay to processor **
  • Approx. 390 Pounds ($10.68/lb) *

* Prices and weights may vary. Prices include percentage of live animal, typical processing costs, and packaging & delivery.

** Final invoice price to be determined by processor.

Ordering Beef from Us

» Step 1 - Call Us

Call Ralston Valley Beef at 303-884-0696; and place an order for a Quarter, Half, or Whole beef.

» Step 2 - Custom Cutting

The butcher shop will call for your custom cutting instructions. They will personally walk you through the process and will make recommendations to fit your cooking style and preferences. Through Ralston Valley Beef, you get only the cuts you want!

» Step 3 - Schedule Shipping

After the butcher notifies you that your beef is ready, Ralston Valley Beef will call and schedule your delivery for the most convenient day and time.

In an effort to speed up the delivery process, RVB will pay your processing bill to the butcher and will add that amount to your final invoice. Payment for both your beef and the butcher’s processing bill is due upon delivery - payable to RVB.

Ralston Valley Beef provides door-to-door service!


Concerned that this might be too much beef or that it might be just out of your price range? Try “cow-pooling” – band together with family and friends and share a quarter, half, or whole beef.

Splitting the order between families and friends isn’t only cost-effective, it’s also a great way to have your own secure source of quality, healthy food that will last months at a time.