Important Downloads

Beef Buyers Guide (PDF - 8.66 MB)

Cut Option List (PDF - 1.07 MB)

What are the advantages to Ralston Valley Beef vs. supermarket beef?

Aside from providing you with a superior quality and better tasting product, buying beef directly from the source allows you to know where it comes from, what it’s been fed, how it’s been treated, and provides you with the opportunity to custom choose your cuts. You have a wider variety of cuts to choose from and you help support local agriculture. Plus, beef from Ralston Valley Beef is priced competitively with supermarkets and other bulk suppliers.

What is dry aging and why is it important?

Aging is a natural process that improves the tenderness and flavor of beef. Our beef is dry aged 18-21 days under refrigeration and humidity-controlled conditions. Due to the complex nature of the process, dry aged beef is hard to find and is in high demand. Supermarket beef is aged only days and most of that is in the same packaging you find at the store.

How much beef comes in a quarter, half, or whole?

This amount varies due to the size of each animal, but a typical Ralston Valley Beef order provides approximately:
Whole Beef = 390 lbs.
Half Beef = 195 lbs.
Quarter Beef = 97 lbs.
Look for Small Combination Packages Coming Soon!!

How much room does this take in my freezer?

A typical quarter beef from Ralston Valley Beef will fill two coolers that measure approximately 18”x13”x10” each – or about 6.75 cubic feet.

What options do I have as far as cuts?

Ralston Valley Beef offers a greater variety of cuts that what can be found in the grocery store. And one of the best things about our beef is that you get to choose cuts from the entire carcass. The processor we use provides personal assistance when placing your order to make sure you get exactly what you want. This way your order matches your cooking and eating preferences.

We encourage you to download and review the Cut Option List on this page.

How long can I keep frozen beef?

If kept frozen continuously, meat technically will be safe indefinitely; however, for best quality use it within 9 to 12 months.

How much will this cost?

While the butcher shop processing fees remain fairly steady, live cattle prices vary depending upon the current market at time of purchase. Call us at 303-884-0696 for current prices.

Other Questions?

If you’re new to buying beef direct from the ranch, we encourage you to download and look through the Beef Buyer’s Guide on this page or give us a call directly.