The Link Between the Ranch and the City

With minimal effort, customers have access to the best grass-fed, grain-finished beef from Colorado’s mountains and plains.

Cattle from Ralston Valley Beef are raised on pure Colorado grass, bathed in sunshine and fresh air, and are finished on a healthy grain ration that helps produce just the right amount of marbling for great taste, yet provides a lean and healthy final product. Added growth hormones and feed antibiotics are NEVER used in our cattle. We feed our family the same beef we produce.

Convenience, Value, and Quality - All in One Place

Locally Raised Beef

  • Purchasing from Ralston Valley Beef supports small businesses and the local economy

High Quality, Lean, Dry-Aged Beef

  • Unsurpassed taste and tenderness with each mouthwatering bite
  • Lean beef provides a healthy and efficient source of protein and vitamins

Better Beef from a Better Source

  • Higher quality beef and greater variety of cuts than what you find in the supermarket
  • An outstanding buy when comparing price, quality, and convenience

Peace of Mind

  • Knowing where your beef comes from and that it was fed only nature’s best grass and grain
  • Raised according to high ethical standards
  • No added growth hormones or feed antibiotics are ever used

Custom Cutting

  • Personal assistance in choosing the amount and type of cuts you want
  • Tailored to match your individual cooking style

Full Service

  • We do all the work sourcing, coordinating, and delivering your beef right to your door

Colorado Cattlemen's Association

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association promotes the interests of Colorado’s cattle and beef industries and protects the state’s land, water, and forage resources.  Founded in 1867, CCA is the nation’s oldest state cattlemen’s association. RVB owners and partners are proud members and hold various leadership positions within CCA.

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Colorado Proud

Look for the Colorado Proud logo at grocery stores, farmers' markets, garden centers and restaurants. By buying locally grown, raised and processed food and agricultural products, you are receiving high quality fresh products and helping Colorado's economy, local farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, manufacturers and processors in your area. RVB is a member of the Colorado Proud program.

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Beef Quality Assurance

Beef Quality Assurance is a national third-party verified program that outlines essential guidelines and best management practices to ensure healthy, well-cared for cattle - providing consumers with a safe, consistent, and wholesome product. Each location where RVB cattle are raised and handled are BQA certified.

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